Hi everyone !
A little info before saturday:

Please remember that everybody must bring towel and bed-linen !!!!!

and please send information on any vegetarians in your group to Bo !!

He is also missing a couple of mobile numbers to groupleaders !

The youth-hostel adress is:

Danhostel Vordingborg Vandrerhjem
Praestegaardsvej 16
4760 Vordingborg
Telefon: +45 5536 0800

Fax: +45 5536 0801

website: http://www.danhostel.dk/vandrerhjem.asp?id=121

...and links to Vordingborg Town: http://www.visitvordingborg.dk/visartikel.php?artikelid=195

Looking forward to se you all in Denmark

Regards Ole HH

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