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6 - 10 September 2006

The first OWOL meeting took place in Gaia, Portugal.
At the same time, there was a network meeting of all Drums4Peace partner organizations called "Seminário da Boa Nova, in Valadares".

The first OWOL meeting gave us some time to know each other and to find out about the objectives concerning the OWOL-project and its calendar.
Iwan Brioc and Mike Hotson, Cynefin, Wales, facilitated the event. We gathered many questions that we´ve been trying to answer during the OWOL project time.

> read more about this event discussions

February 2007

The OWOL-staff meeting in France took place in Marseille and it was time to make decisions!

We decided:
· about how to organize and design theevaluation booklets
· about the calendar
· about how to organize an OWOL webpage and its design
· about sharing some of our budget´s expenses

We discussed:
· the research
· the evaluation of the interviews and other group events
how to improve our communication (by using groove?)

22-28 May 2007

“Close2heARTS 2“ was a mini-exchange hosted by Arci Varieazioni in Milan.
Its purpose was to invite young learners from the OWOL-project and ask them to present different ideas of evaluation.
Therefore, every partner organization was supposed to develop some ideas in their home country.
Participants of the mini-exchange took part in short workshops and afterwards thought about efficient and resourceful ways of evaluating the influence of (bigger) Drums for Peace youth exchanges.
> read more on Varieazioni website (in italian)
> check out the photo album

16 february 2008
Arci Varieazioniand the Other Ways of Learning conference > download the flyer


Arci Varieazioni hosted the “Milan artists meeting and conference”, which was an invitation for Drums for Peace artists and young learners to meet and talk about the power of arts.
Therefore, young learners had the possibility to join different workshops and ask questions about the workshops, their structure and the arts used.
After every workshop, young participants had further possibilities to ask questions in collective artist interviews. A movie has been made about the process of the workshops as well as the interviews. 

This short meeting concluded in a conference in the Milan “InformaGiovani”, where (a) the Drums for Peace network has been presented, (b) the OWOL project has been presented and (c) artists have had the possibility to talk about the power of performing arts.

> watch the VIDEO of Owol meeting in Milan during february 2008

> read more on Varieazioni website (in italian)
> check out the photo album

25 - 30 March 2008
Sol e Arte project in Gaia

It was a mini (small group, small week…but great strength) youth exchange, without money from the Youth programme. We used the G2 budget to make it happen, thanks to the artists that worked for free!
The workshops: dance, drama, drums and capoeira
_ we made a presentation in the youth centre
_ we walked around, not an organized tourist activity
_ we organized circles, ice breakings and an evaluation
_ 2 different models of evaluation booklets have been tested and then discussed during last day

> check out Gaiac "Sol e Arte" mini youth exchange (march 2008) gallery


Take part in this survey and help us
to find out how Drums for Peace youth exchange are affecting young participants.

Watch the VIDEO of Owol meeting in Milan during february 2008

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