Hi everybody!

So now we´re all back home and I have to say that it was kind of a very emty feeling, when the bus drove away from Vordingborg.
I´ve tried to explain to my family and friends, what we did during this week in Denmark, but I think it´s very hard to find the right words to decribe, what we did together.
I guess the clossest will be:

We sure did magic together!

And this kind of magic can´t be explained or dicribed. You have to feel it.

Thx to all for a wonderfull week.

Hugs & good vibrations!

Claus (with the guitar and the white stick)

Very NICE piece of text!

I sure miss that week in Vordingborg... Especially all the nice people who where there with me! :) Hope you all are fine! :)

Steen Schmidt
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