Hi everybody!

So now we´re all back home and I have to say that it was kind of a very emty feeling, when the bus drove away from Vordingborg.
I´ve tried to explain to my family and friends, what we did during this week in Denmark, but I think it´s very hard to find the right words to decribe, what we did together.
I guess the clossest will be:

We sure did magic together!

And this kind of magic can´t be explained or dicribed. You have to feel it.

Thx to all for a wonderfull week.

Hugs & good vibrations!

Claus (with the guitar and the white stick)


If any of you have photos you want on the website.
Please attach them to an email and send them to me.



Hi Folks !

Check the - more than - 500 photos uploaded to the website today.

Miss you all



Hello All !
Thank you for a wonderfull week in Vordingborg.
It has been a colorfull and emotional experience to meet you.

Love and respect from denmark


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